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A New Breed  


Welcome to Global Geckos:

The UK’s number 1 reptile shop staffed by qualified zoologists. If you want to find out more about the Global Geckos background please check out the ‘about’ page.


Good reptile shops are hard to find but read on to discover why we really are at the cutting edge of responsible reptile keeping!

  1. Here at Global Geckos Reptile Shop we have a huge selection of reptile housing and equipment at competitive prices including the cheapest livefood in the area at just £1.90 per tub. We stock everything you need or could ever want without stocking any of the confusing gimmicks.All our live food is gut-loaded in store and we offer a custom vivarium/snake rack building service.
  2. Huge selection of hundreds of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates best of all absolutely no wild caught animals! (No not even the occasional one).
  3. Our Reptile Store is ethically run on the highest standards of animal welfare. Qualified professional staff, cumulatively we have over 35 years experience in keeping and breeding reptiles.
  4. Both full time members of staff have a master’s degree in a zoological discipline, even our part time staff hold relevant qualifications at degree level! There are no other UK reptile shops that even come close to having the level of qualifications held by Global Geckos staff members. 
  5. Outstanding cleanliness, hygiene and quarantine procedures, you will be hard pushed to find a cleaner reptile shop anywhere, with animal health and wellbeing at the forefront of our practices. We implement numerous procedures to prevent cross contamination and protect animal and human welfare.
  6. Behind the scenes at our reptile store we have a huge captive breeding facility, each year we breed between 500-1000 animals of over 30 different species.
  7. Even with our extensive qualifications we don’t consider ourselves experts, we don’t believe experts exist; there is always more to learn. We are continually striving to improve our own knowledge and pass on information to our customers. We keep up to date with all the latest advancements in reptile care, be it new products or new practices to improve health and welfare.
  8. At Global Geckos Reptile Shop we offer fantastic free services, including claw clipping, animal sexing, vivarium construction/kit building and a drop in animal health clinic.
  9. Behind the scenes at our reptile store we have a holiday boarding facility where we can board your much loved pet reptile while you holiday stress free. With our competitive rates, and exceptional care, we never mix customers animals or recycle substrates, we can guarantee your animals will leave as healthy as they arrive, (if not healthier). Booking is essential as we fill up months in advance.
  10. Fantastic in store customer rewards scheme giving you 7.5% OFF just for taking part, not to mention our buy 20 get 5 free on all frozen foods as well as many other great in-store promotions.
  11. Friendly and helpful staff, if it’s not too manic you can count on us to stop for a chat and make you a brew.
  12. Our new online reptile shop now enables people to purchase the same great products that we hold at our bricks and mortar reptile shop without the hassle of travelling to us. Next day shipping on most products as well as great savings off the RRP on all products means it has never been easier to shop with us
  13. We pride ourselves in quality, reliability and customer service, if you feel we could improve in any of these areas no matter how small the issue please bring it to our attention and we will aim to improve or resolve the situation.


We look forward to seeing you in store, The Global Geckos Team.



Global Geckos Reptile Shop – 18 Updown Hill, Windlesham, Surrey GU20 6AF T: 01276 423 137
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